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Welcome to Joanna Frankham Coaching!

I’m here to support you to becoming the best you can be. I help people like you transform their lives by taking a look at what’s working for them now and making it better. We achieve that by removing the bits that aren’t serving you and then replacing them with tailored solutions that can be implemented into your everyday life.

Simple really.

Except that it’s not. If it were, we’d all be having the time of our lives and living until we’re 100.

I’m a living, breathing example of how tweaking the way you live can transform your life. Yes – it takes a little work. But has anything worthwhile ever been handed to you on a plate? And, I promise you, the results are so worth it.

Do you have questions about your diet or a health concern that you haven’t been able to resolve?

Are you looking to live a more energised life but don’t know where to start?

Have you been trying to navigate the Autoimmune Protocol on your own, but you’re struggling??

Perhaps you feel you just need someone to ‘get’ the healthy lifestyle changes you want to make and support you along the way?

With the continued growth in autoimmune disorders, food allergies and digestive issues on the rise, and with many people being told to restrict certain foods from their diets, this health and wellness game can be overwhelming. Especially if you’re going it alone.

And that’s just the diet!

Let’s have an initial conversation. You can tell me your story and I’ll chunk it down into some manageable steps that you can take immediately to steer you in the right direction.

As your coach, I’m here to provide you with ongoing support and guidance as we mutually agree on your goals to make sustainable changes that improve, not just your health and your general well being, but your happiness too.

I will listen carefully to your concerns. I will not judge you. Together, we’ll determine what changes are necessary for you.

We will explore concerns specific to you and your life, and establish the tools you need to create balance. Your unique, personalised programme will transform your health and happiness.

But it’s about more than just the food…

I’ll help you fit all the pieces of the puzzle together. I’ll even work with your doctor, trainer or naturopath.

Evidence continues to grow that what we choose to eat affects not only our physical well-being, but our mental health, too. We’ll look at your diet and work together to implement healthier eating options that work for you. I’ll supply you with an array of tasty recipes that are easy to make, along with tips and tricks to simplify how you cook.

And, if cooking scares you, we can work together to fix that!

How do you relax? How do you inject fun into your life? We’ll examine what works for you. And, more importantly, what doesn’t. Finding stress-busting solutions that are unique to you is an integral part of the coaching programme.

And, if you’re one of those people who worries about worrying, we can work on that!

Did you know that we need to sleep to regenerate and heal? It’s a fact that most people in today’s world don’t get enough sleep. If you’re one of them, I guarantee it will be affecting you in ways you don’t even realise. We’ll work on ways you can improve your sleep patterns.

You spend an awful lot of time at work. So much better for you if you enjoy it! After twenty years in human resources, I’ve developed a few strategies to help you get the most of your working environment. We’ll work on ways you can get the most out of your job.

Are you taking a giant bite out of life? Or, are you watching from the sidelines? The way we engage with others is integral to our health and sense of belonging in the world. We’ll work on making sure you’re a participant over a spectator.

Still not sure what a health coach does?

Jo Portraits_studio-8_whiteHealth Coaches are knowledgeable advisers who provide ongoing support and guidance as you set goals and make sustainable changes that improve your health and happiness. If you were to place your health on a continuum, a Health Coach would be the bridge between needing to see your doctor and optimal health.

As your Health Coach, I will listen carefully and help you to navigate the world of nutrition, health and wellness advice. I will provide you with support as you slowly introduce positive changes to your life.

You can expect to:-

  • Set and accomplish goals in a way that is both empowering and positive for you
  • Work to achieve and maintain your ideal weight
  • Understand and reduce your cravings
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Feel great in your body
  • Learn about new foods and how you can easily incorporate them into your life
  • Improve your personal relationships
  • Discover the confidence to create the life you want

My Programs

One Hour Consult

Are you a seasoned AIPer? Perhaps you just seek some troubleshooting guidance or a little ‘tweaking’ with an expert; someone who understands just what you are going through? Spend an hour with me and get your basic questions answered.

This package does not include email support or a history.

One Hour Consult With History + 30 Minute Follow-Up 

Have you been on your AIP health journey for a while now – AIP, Paleo, glue-free or otherwise, but find you are hitting roadblocks or having difficulty staying the course? Perhaps you need help identifying questions for your doctor? Spend an hour talking with me and reviewing your health history. Together we’ll formulate a basic plan for moving forward and I’ll check-in with you for a 30 minute follow-up two weeks later.

This package includes unlimited email support between the initial consult and the follow-up.

Three-Month Transition 

Are you just starting your AIP experience, but recognise how much you could benefit from some coaching guidance and support as you begin? Maybe you are familiar with the protocol, but need some dedicated support to navigate what is best for you? Or, perhaps you aren’t needing to go the ‘whole hog’ with AIP but seek some help navigating a whole-foods approach to health. Spend an hour talking with me and reviewing your health history and food journal. I’ll work with you to prepare recommendations and we’ll mutually agree on a basic plan – unique to you – which includes support during a (minimum) 30-day elimination period. Each week we’ll meet for a 30-minute coaching call (or 60 minutes each fortnight, if you prefer).

This package includes unlimited email support and an initial appointment with a history.

To decide if health coaching is right for you, I invite you to schedule a free initial consultation with me. I am available for face to face or Skype sessions, depending on your preference and location.
During this session, we will discuss your health and lifestyle to determine how I can best support you in achieving your goals.
Contact me today to schedule a time.
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